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Misisi Collection

Mafumo Bracelets (Set of 20)

Mafumo Bracelets (Set of 20)

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Introducing our Handcrafted Wire Bracelets - The Mafumo Bracelet , a true blend of elegance, culture, and durability. Crafted with passion and skill by our team of talented craftswomen, each Mafumo bracelet carries the essence of Venda's rich cultural heritage.Mafumo bracelets are meticulously crafted by rolling fine wire around rope, creating a captivating swirl illusion. This distinctive design showcases the artistry and precision of our craftswomen.  Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Mafumo bracelets carry the cultural history of Venda, adding a meaningful touch to your accessory collection. Designed for longevity, these bracelets are not just accessories; they are heirlooms meant to be cherished and worn with pride throughout a lifetime.Step into a world of cultural richness and timeless style with the Mafumo Collection. Wear a piece of Venda's heart on your wrist, and let your accessories tell a story! 


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